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Б.Ш.Окуджава в стихотворении "У поэта соперников нету.

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Living in a city is considered to be a necessary topic to be viewed nowadays. I am currently working on an important project to find out advantages of living in a city in Zetland. I have found some useful statistics for my project in the form of a table, to help give my opinion on the subject.

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It goes without saying that learning a foreign language is very important.As part of my project, I have found a pie chart with with the results of some opinion polls showing the most popular ways of learning a foreign language in Zetland. In this essay I am going to comment on the data and give my opinion on the subject of my project.

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А.С.Пушкин в стихотворении "К***" показывает свое понимание любви.

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It is also worse mentioning that the number of people who prefer to have all the modern conveniences ( 26%) is larger than the number of those who like variouse entertainment and events (22%). It can be inferred that Zetlanders tend to be more physically relaxed rather than to be socialized.

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