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                                                                                                                                          June 14th

Dear Tom,

Thanks for your letter! I’m jubilant to hear from you again.

In your letter, you asked me some questions concerning museums.

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Nowadays, the issue of exams induces arguments and controversies. Some people believe exams are a fair method of assessing students’ knowledge, while others have an opposing view on the notion.

From my perspective, exams are a fair method of observing students’ academic progress.

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Sightseeing is an essential part of traveling nowadays. Some people believe that tourists should find out some information about famous attractions, while others are convinced that there is no need in reading before visiting places of interest.

As for me, I consider that learning about sites is a paramount thing to do.

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Является ли научное (естественнонаучное) знание о мире и человеке единственно важным и ценным? Этой проблеме посвящен текст отрывка мемуарной хроники Герцена "Былое и думы". 

Автор рассказывает о Химике - ученом, ставшим прототипом князя Федора в "Горе от ума".

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There is no doubt that nowadays the problem of human individuality is the subject of heated debate. Some people consider that a person equips his or her room according with his or her individual character traits, whereas others disagree with this statement. Now I want to express my point of view on this issue.

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40.1 A popular actor's life is always fun.

Nowadays every person wants to be a popular actor because it is the easy way to earn money.

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The issue of video games has become a significant problem in the modern world. Some people think that there is not anything computer games can teach us. However, others cannot share this view and consider that video games can help us to acquire useful skills and valuable knowledge.

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            Dear Jane,
    Thank you for your recent letter. I was really glad to hear from you again!
    In your letter you asked me about films.

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