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11:15, 23 января 2023

a project on the reasons why people in Zetland prefer to shop in-person.pie-chart:Getting items immediately - 39% Ability to test a product in person before buying it - 38%Ability to easily return items - 8%Enjoying the experience of going to the shops - 2%
- outline a problem related to shopping in-person- conclude by giving and explaining your opinion on the best way to shop

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Nowadays the idea of shopping in-person is becoming increasingly popular. I am doing a school project the aim of which is to find out why people in Zetland prefer to shop in-person. I have found some survey results in the form of a pie-chart. I am going to comment on the data and give my personal view on the subject. 

As can be seen, the statistics illustrate each reason of shopping in-person/ in percentages. Perhaps predictably, the most frequently selected option is getting items immediately. Contrastly, enjoying the experience of going to the shops has the lowest priority, as only 2% of respondents select it. 

Expectedly, opinions on this contentious topic are wide-ranging. While ability to test a product before buying

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