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A lot of people think that happiness can be achieved through finding an interesting hobby. However, some may hold a different opinion.

Personally, I can agree with this statement.

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Dear Adam,  Thanks for your lattest letter. Hope you're doing well!  I think windsurfing is a gripping kind of sport.

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Nowadays the issue of whether books are still a modern informative source has become a subject of much debate. Some people think the Internet is the best way to get new information. But others disagree.

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Moscow, Russia


Dear David,

Many thanks for your letter. I was really happy to hear from you again. 

In your letter you asked me about sports and my plans for the nearest holiday.

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Choosing a profession is the most important thing in our live. Some people think that we should not ask our family or friends for advice, while others do no think so.

Personally, I believe that we should not rely on other people in choosing career.

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The theme of after school break is complicated and causes a lot of argument and controversy in modern society. Some people say that teenagers do not need to rush to universities because they can take their time and think about their choice one other time, while others disagree with them.

In my opinion, school leavers should take a gap year.

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Nowadays, technologies entered all spheres of humans’ lives rapidly. So, some people believe that studying process should include computers, while others state that it is not necessary to use gadgets while learning something.

In my opinion, computers improve studying process, make it more beneficial.

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Dear Charlie,

Thanks for you recent letter. Glad to hear from you again. Sorry for not answering I've got a tough week at school.

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Some people claim that family institute is supposed to play an important role in life-being of every person. While other’s opposite view is sured family to be the most essential issue of everyone’s living.

I personally supposed that family members are thought to be rather supportive to overcome all the difficulties in life.