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While doing a project on the most popular holiday destinations in Zetland I found a table containing some relevant data that I'm going to comment on.

According to the table holiday on the seaside is the most popular while holiday in the capital city is the less popular.

The data analysis reveals that holiday on the mountains with 27% is more popular than in the national parks with 15%.

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Dear Nancy,

Thank you for your letter. I hope everything is fine with you and your family.

In your email message you asked me about volunteering.

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Dear Judith,

Thanks a lot for your email. It’s great to hear from you.

I’ll gladly answer your questions about toys and games.

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Nowadays learning foreign languages is becoming increasingly popular. The aim of the project I am currently working on is to find out the most popular ways of doing this in Zetland. As a part of my project, I have found a pie chart with an opinion poll on the subject which I am going to analyze.

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Nowadays people are getting more and more concerned about the New Year celebration. As part of my project, i have found some data and a table illustrating what is most important about the New Year celebration for Zetlanders. The aim of my project is to analyze the information.

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Hi Roger,

Thank you for your letter. In your letter you asked me some questions. You know, hockey is a very popular sport in my country.

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Most challenging aspects of traveling is always up for debate.  I am carrying out a class project on what is the most challenging aspect of traveling for people in Zetland. I have sourced some insightful statistics from some opinion polls.

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Nowadays a big number of people have pets. As part of my project on what pets people usually keep in Zetland, I have found a pie chart containing some relevant results of the opinion polls that I am going to comment on. 

According to the data, the majority of the respondents choose «Dogs» (35%) while answering the question «What pets do people usually keep in Zetland?